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for Vertical Form-Fill Seal Machine - Packaging


Vertical form-fill seal (VFFS) machine turns a roll of packaging film into a shelf-ready finished bag.

Vertical packing machines start with a large roll of film, form it into a bag shape, fill the bag with product, and seal itthat wraps the product in a tube / bag and packages it.

The belt sleeves used in this type of machine work in pairs and ensure the correct dragging of the heat-sealable film (usually in polypropylene, polyethylene or a mix of them) within which the product to be sealed is dosed. The bag that contains the product is then sealed and cut, obtaining the final package (eg: bag of chips, candies, detergent…)

The two belts / sleeves that drive the heat-sealable film therefore plays a fundamental role in the machine: the type of elastomer that covers the belts is decisive in order to ensure a correct dragging and therefore a correct packaging of the product. The main properties of the belts are durability, tear and wear resistance, as well as uniform wear of the cover. Further it, the belts must not mark the heat-sealable film.

Toscana Nastri has specifically developed LILIUM® rubber for this application:

it is an NR (NaturalRubber) elastomer made with 95% natural rubber, with excellent physical-mechanical properties:

– High coefficient of friction and drag
– High resistance to abrasion and tearing
– Excellent elasticity, elongation at break


– High and constant coefficient of friction over the entire useful life of the belt
– Wear resistance
– Suitable for transporting materials with sharp surfaces
– Does not damage and does not mark the materials transported / dragged

Sectors of use:

– Vertical packaging machines
– Packaging in general
– Dosing machines
– Paper industry

Download the pdf  for further technical information





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