Toscana Nastri - Nastri trasportatori,cinghie di trasmissione e potenza

Lavorazioni speciali

logo_footer can apply varius types of coatings, to be applyed on conveyor belts, flat and timing belts: coatings with LILIUM ® , LINATEX® , LINATRILE®, , SPONGE RUBBERr etc.., providing further more milling and perforation workings.

Conveyor belts with coating in SPONGE RUBBER, employed in deglazing of porcelain and pottery, carriage of fragile material


Production of coated belts - flat and toothed - with different types of elastomers .


Perforation, milling and profiles application service, according to your drawings.


LINATEX ®, LINATRILE ® are registered trademarks of Linatex Inc
LILIUM ® is registered trademarks of TOSCANA NASTRI