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Nastri trasportatori

logo_footer supplies a wide range of conveyor belts and plastic modular belting, which are successfully used in the manufacturing, commerce and service industries.
Thanks to a wide range of solutions, the expertise of our technicians, cooperation with final users and OEM, thorough a deep knowledge of the different issues related to the production, we can recommend the most suitable type of product, based on your specific production needs.
Toscana Nastri is authorized dealer for FORBO - SIEGLING (world-wide leader in this sector) products.

Types of materials

Forbo Siegling product range includes more than 100 standard types of conveyor belts, which meet the various market requirements and the most diverse conveying/processing needs in all industrial sectors. consistently geared to market demands. Many types are the result of development activities carried out in cooperation with users and original equipment manufacturers.

The conditions under which conveyor are used are seldom identical. So when using these products take advantage of the experience and competence of our consultant.

Certain conveying and processing tasks require mechanical, physical or chemical belt properties which are made possible only by special production processes, combination of materials or finishing. Depending on the different special features of construction, characteristics of top surface - tension member and underside of conveyor belts, they may offer different features in terms of :

  • smooth or textured top belt surface
  • wear-resistant belts
  • high temperature resistance
  • non antistatic properties and anti-static conveyor belts
  • HACCP, FDA, BgVV compliance for use in the food industry, pharmaceutical sector
  • Atex compliance belts
  • Knife-edge
  • Troughable belts
  • Low-noise


logo_footer is able to provide special applications:


COATINGS wuth Sponge Rubber and Elastomers

Industries and Applications
(download the application brochure at the bottom of this page):

  • Fooad and beverage
  • Logistics
  • Raw Materials / Wood /Marble
  • Paper Industry and Letter Sorting
  • Textile Industry
  • Tobacco Industry
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    DOWNLOAD AREA - Here you can find the right brochure for your own specific area of interest, as a PDF file:

    PRODUCT RANGE Conveyor Belts

    Conveyor and Processing Belts 

    FOOD Industry



    WOOD Industry

    non woven

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    Modular Belting